Crooked Stave Hop Savant

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Description rapide

Hop Savant is a 100% Brettanomyces Pale Ale that’s been dry-hopped and fermented in oak foeders. The beer is brewed with a mix of 36% Citra Hops, 36% Mosaic Hops and 28% Simcoe Hops, before finally getting dry-hopped with an experimental hop variety. Each batch has a number on the back of the bottle, that indicates the new hop variety used in the dry-hopping process. The beer’s a beautiful cloudy, golden orange color. A 2-finger, foamy white head builds on top and leaves behind a chunky layer of Belgian lace. There’s a steady stream of moderate carbonation,while a thin layer of yeast remains in the bottle.6,7%ABV.

Crooked Stave Hop Savant
Taux d'alcool : 6,7%
Quantité : 65 cl
Producteur : Crooked Stave
Pays : États-Unis

Crooked Stave Hop Savant

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