Local Option Dampf Loc - Neue Welt Hefe Gerste

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Dampf Loc is an all-barley warm fermented ale brewed by the folks from Chicago’s Local Option; inspired by “Dampfbier” originally crafted by medieval peasant inhabitants of southeast Bavaria’s Black Forest. During the fermentation process generous amounts of foam and surface bubbles burst in the tank, giving the illusion that the ferment is boiling or “steaming.” Local Option took up the task of brewing Dampf Loc as a modern interpretation of its Teutonic predecessor, creating a “Hefe Gerste” ale that is true to its roots; unmistakable in character yet accessible to beer drinkers of all palates. Dampf Loc has a mild hop profile, medium body with pleasant effervescence and a clear, rich, orange hue. Dampf Loc is ideal for warm months, yet enjoyable year round.

Local Option Dampf Loc - Neue Welt Hefe Gerste
Taux d'alcool : 5,3%
Quantité : 50 cl
Producteur : Local Option Bierwerker
Pays : États-Unis

dampf loc

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