Mikkeller BA Dry Stout Grand Marnier Edition

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Ample dark tan foam settles to a thick cap, thicker collar, and splotchy lacework. Dark brown body with ruby transparency when held to the light. Smells like a typical dry stout, with toast biscuit, toasted malts, roast, hint of smoke, and a touch of char and oak. Seems a bit sweeter than other beers of this style; guess that might be due to the Grand Marnier? There's some vanilla too, which could be either from barrel or malt bill. The taste has a bit more fruity spirit flavor and oak, and the roast dominates the malt character. Not as acrid or burnt as you'd expect from a Mikkeller dry stout, but somewhat devoid of depth or flavor intensity in comparison to the aroma. Nothing bad here per say, but just kind of ho-hum. Light, creamy body, with carbonation on the higher end of moderate. Dry and tannic finish. As expected, there's no alcohol. The barrel-aging is pretty restrained, but the base beer is a pretty solid dry stout. It was quite easy to down the entire 375ml bottle. For the price it's disappointing, but on the whole it's a decent brew. Not sure why Mikkel thought barrel-aging this beer would be worth the time though.

Mikkeller BA Dry Stout Grand Marnier Edition
Taux d'alcool : 4,1%
Quantité : 37,5 cl
Producteur : Mikkeller
Pays : Danemark

Mikkeller BA Dry Stout Grand Marnier Edition

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